hawaiian pahu

Hawaiian Pahu and Puniu with Ka


Hawaiian pahus are truly a voice of their own in the Hula Kahiko world. Unlike Tahitian drums, the Hawaiian Pahu stands on its own as it leads a Halau. Usually made from palm tree (based on availability), other go to woods such as pine and redwood, or our 100% hand bent shells just like our Tahitian drums. They are all topped with Cow skin to ensure proper sound quality. 

  • Lapaiki (small) 8",10", or 12" diameter x 12" tall: $350 USD
  • Medium: 10-12" diameter x 22" tall: $650 USD
  • Large: 17" diameter x 32 tall: $950 USD

Want a custom size drum or custom rows and certain style of "fish scales" on the drum? Contact me! 

Puniu coconut topped with goat skin. Tied around the leg with 24" length rope and played with a 9" Ka rope mallet.

  • $150 USD