Pahu Tupai

The Pahu Tupa'i or Pahu Rima is a hand drum that adds padding and rhythm underneath the rest of the drummers. Like our bass drums and Faatetes, they are made from 100% hand bent wood. We offer 2 main variations: solid body ones and ones with detachable legs (easy to transport).  Both options can come in a 12" or 14" diameter by 4 feet tall. They come topped with your choice of goat skin (recommended), vinyl, or cow skin. 

  •  $500 USD
  • Sit down option 36" tall: $450 USD


Each drum is made using a design of your choice. When purchasing a Pahu Tupai or any of our skin drums, I will provide you with an email or message containing our current design selection (usually 40+ on hand) that you can choose from to make your drum unique.

Want to use your own fabric or custom requested color schemes? Contact me!  

**Shipping restrictions may apply for solid Tupais based on location**